You Might Be a Road Trip Junkie if...

1. You have only a vague destination in mind.
"I wonder what's down this road?"

2. You don't have a schedule or reservations.
"We park wherever adventure takes us."

3. The back roads suit you just fine.
"Look! Cows!"

4. Ordinary things peak your interest while you explore.
"See all the different shades of green in that field? Oh, and there's a post office!"

5. You love talking with the locals.
"What's a fun thing to do around here? Where's a good place to eat? What do you like best about living here?"

6. Gas station snacks are a treat you wouldn't normally buy.
"Hon, I couldn't decide, so I got a pickle-in-a-bag, pop-tarts, bugles, cheese 'n crackers snack packs, chocolate donettes, trail mix, ho hos, slim jims, and hot pockets! Whatcha hungry for?"

7. You get emotionally attached to the car that's been in front of you for miles.
"I wonder where ANG3728 (license plate number) is going? Maybe we should stop for lunch with them?"

Meet Vince and Michelle

Vince and Michelle - Let's Go Check it Out Road Trip Adventures in Arizona and BeyondAs enthusiastic road trippers, we look for adventure around every corner and share the journey with friends and family.

We crave experiences that teach us about new people, places, and things in our home state of Arizona and beyond.

Come along with us. Hope to see you on the road!

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